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Charlotte Katz z née Vohs

19 February 1904, Mönchengladbach
13 August 1975, Lima, Peru

A note addressed to the ghetto Registration Office concerning Charlotte Katz’s exit, 7 April 1943. (APL, PSZ, ref. 995, card 195)

Charlotte Katz lived together with her parents and six siblings in Mönchengladbach. Jakob Vohs, a broker by profession, was her father and his wife, Johanna née Capell, was her mother. In 1927 Charlotte’s father was the representative of the Jewish community in Mönchengladbach. On 8 March 1936, shortly before her seventy-third birthday, her mother died. A year and a half later, on 10 October 1937, her father died at the age of 80. On 31 March 1939 Charlotte married interior decorator Erich Katz in Mönchengladbach. One and a half months after their wedding her husband managed to leave for Lima. Charlotte Katz tried to join him but failed to do so as a result of the Gestapo’s denial. On 29 April 1941 she was deprived of citizenship. The application for assistance submitted to the Peruvian consul general was rejected due to the fact that, according to his arguments, he was not able to meddle in the internal affairs of Germany.

On 27 October 1941 Charlotte Katz was deported to the ghetto. At the beginning of 1943 she was granted the Peruvian citizenship, thanks to which she moved from the ghetto to the internment camp in the Liebenau castle. She left the camp in 1945 under the exchange of interned civilians and went, through Africa, to her husband staying in Lima. She died there in 1975.

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