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Emmy Stock

21 May 1894, Grossbüllesheim
15 April 1943, Auschwitz Extermination Camp

Emma Stock’s deregistration card dated the same day, on which her daughter and her brother were transported to Kulmhof. (APL, PSZ, ref. 1011S, card 13965)

Emmy Stock moved together with her parents from Großbüllesheim to Euskirchen at the turn of the century. Her three siblings were born in Euskirchen. After a while the family moved to Lommersum in the Weilerswist municipality. In 1933 the Stock four siblings settled there at Walramstraße 17. The family earned its living by trading in cattle. Emmy Stock gave birth to her illegitimate daughter, Edith, on 9 March 1935 in Cologne. The child’s daughter was allegedly an “Aryan”. In 1938, after the “pogrom night”, the Stock siblings were forced to sell their house in Lommersum and settle in Cologne at Kleiner Griechenmarkt 61-63. Martha and Richard Stock managed to escape to the USA, whereas Emmy Stock, her daughter and her brother, Walter, were deported to the ghetto on 30 October 1941.

On 9 April 1942 Emmy Stock, as the first person from the group of the Western European Jews, officially left the ghetto to be taken to Cologne. The reason is unclear, presumably it was the “exit” order issued by a judiciary authority or the Cologne Gestapo due to the procedure pending. Emmy Stock was taken from Cologne to the Anrath prison and on 1 February 1943 she was transported to Auschwitz Concentration Camp, where she died two and a half months later.

“She returned to Cologne. On 10 April Emma Stock, born in 1894, a cook by occupation, left the ghetto under the order of the authorities and went to Cologne. Mrs. Stock lived in the ghetto with her [brother] and 7-year-old daughter at Zawiszy Czarnego 34/36. This is the first case of the return to the former place of residence.” (An excerpt from the Ghetto Chronicle, 15 April 1942).

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