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Ernst Feist

14 July 1912, Augsburg
15 January 1943, Litzmannstadt Ghetto

A list of deaths of “the Jews from the Altreich” in Litzmannstadt Ghetto, 1943. (APL, GV, ref. 29208, card 16)

Ernst Feist was born in Augsburg in 1912. He had an older brother, Werner (born in 1909, Augsburg). Their father, Richard Feist (born in 1874, Augsburg), and his brother, Hugo Feist, ran together the family “GebrüderFeist u. M. Götz” textile factory founded in Augsburg in 1805. Ernst Feist graduated from merchant school and moved to Krefeld on 11 July 1932. Later on he lived for a while in Düsseldorf, where on 23 September 1938 he married Gerda Humberg, who came from Münster. After the wedding, they settled in Krefeld.

The Feists were transported from Krefeld through Düsseldorf to the ghetto. Both of them found wok and managed to avoid the deportations occurring in May 1942. Ernst Feist died on 15 January 1943 and was buried in a Jewish cemetery two days later. On 10 March 1944 his wife, Gerda, was taken to work in the Hugo Schneider AG weapons–related production facilities located near Częstochowa. She disappeared without a trace there.

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