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Erwin Liffmann

8 February 1914, Mönchengladbach
Liberated, later on in Victoria (Australia)

Erwin Liffmann’s ghetto deregistration card. He left the ghetto on 4 March 1944. (APL, PSZ, ref. 1011L,card 25082)

Erwin Liffmann was the third of six children born to married couple Moritz and Johanna Liffmann née Carls. The family lived in Mönchengladbach. On 24 March 1934 Erwin Liffmann’s mother died at the age of 54. At the beginning of 1939 Erwin Liffmann and his brother, Helmut (born in 1916, Mönchengladbach), were sent to perform forced labour in quarries in the Eifel region. When he returned, Erwin Liffmann worked as an unskilled labourer, paving roads with cobbles in Uerdingen.

He was deported to the ghetto together with his father, Moritz, his brother, Helmut, and his sister, Berta (born in 1909, Mönchengladbach). On 15 December 1941 he married Irmgard Kerp, who came from Odenkirchen. The married couple lived together in the ghetto until 4 March 1944. On this day Erwin Liffmann was among labourers transported to Częstochowa. His wife, Irmgard, stayed in the ghetto and was murdered in Kulmhof on 29 June 1944. Erwin Liffmann was taken to the Sonneberg subcamp near Weimar and on 4 April 1945 he was sent on the death march. He managed to escape and survived. Together with his second wife, Grete, he emigrated to Victoria, Australia, in 1946.

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