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Hildegard Levison née Salomon

23 March 1909, Düsseldorf
4 November 1988, Düsseldorf

A page from the Food Ration Card Department registration book with entries concerning Hildegard Levison (“A.G.”, 10 March 1944, the abbreviation means: outside the ghetto), her husband, Reinhold (stamp impression: “Gestorben” – “deceased”), and her mother-in-law, Fanny Levison („Aus” – “displaced”). (APL, PSZ, ref. 1387, cards 281 and 282)

Hildegard Levison, who came from Düsseldorf, was the daughter of butcher Alfred Salomon and his wife, Julie née Cohnen. She had three siblings: Edith (born in 1900), Walter (born in 1902) and Margot (born in 1907). Hildegard was employed as an office worker until she was dismissed in 1936 due to her Jewish descent. On 18 January 1940 she married Reinhold Levison from Düsseldorf. On 10 July 1940 their son, Dan, was born, who died only a few months later. Hildegard and Reinhold Levison left Düsseldorf and returned there only in August 1941.

Hildegard Levison was deported to the ghetto together with her husband and her mother-in-law, Fanny Levison, on 27 October 1941. She was pregnant and on 2 March 1942 she gave birth to her daughter, Chana, in the ghetto. The child died on 21 June 1942. On 28 August 1942 her husband died, too. Her mother-in-law was murdered in May 1942. From 29 February 1944 Hildegard Levison stayed in the ghetto Central Prison, from where she was taken to Częstochowa ten days later. During her stay there she was set to perform forced labour in the Hugo Schneider AG weapons–related production facilities. On 17 January 1945 she was liberated by the Red Army and came back to Düsseldorf, where she died on 4 November 1988.

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