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Ch. M. Rumkowski regarded children as his ‘only friends’, which was clearly reflected in his activities during the ghetto’s operation. Children received the same rations as workers, and sometimes they would even receive additional food. In August 1940, the Head of the Jewish Council of Elders organised children’s summer camps, or rather an orphanage, in Marysin, where 1,600 children stayed. They were mostly orphans, children from poor families, and sick children. There was a pharmacy, a clinic, a small hospital, a bathhouse, a community centre, and a library there. Despite special treatment, Marysin still suffered from limited food supplies and diseases. From 1940, the Schools Department organised summer camps and play centres mostly in Marysin. About 15,000 children took part in these two-week camps, which included school classes, games and activities. Children would learn the rudiments of Judaism and Yiddish. Summer camps and orphanages were liquidated during the ‘Gehsperre’ action in September 1942.

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Educational trails


Educational trails

Jews from the Reich and the Protectorate

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