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The legacy of various departments of Jewish and German administrations operating in the ghetto is one of the largest collections of this type. Hundreds of thousands of pages of documents stored mostly at the State Archives in Łódź make it possible to get to know a number of aspects of the isolated quarter’s functioning and the fate of the people imprisoned there.

At the archive of the ghetto, operating from November 1940 as an official section of the Jewish administration under the name of the Archives Department, statistical statements and documents were gathered, and the reportage and a chronicle of the most important events taking place in the ghetto were prepared. The chronicle kept nearly daily between January 1941 and the end of July 1944 is one of the most important sources of information concerning the history of the isolated quarter in Litzmannstadt.

The operations of the department were conducted for the Head of the Jewish Council of Elders Chaim Rumkowski, who wanted the Archives to gather documents related to his activity and achievements as well as evidence of his organisational effectiveness. Employees of the Archives, however, set themselves a different task: they described everything that took place in the ghetto and they gathered materials for the future generations.

For several years now, documents forming the ghetto’s legacy have been gradually published and made available to all those interested in the history of the ghetto.

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Educational trails


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