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Presentation of the second part of the Litzmannstadt-Ghetto model

"Litzmannstadt-Ghetto makieta" project on Pardes Festival


The Art Exhibition Vernissage "Roma People Today. Between the Tradition and Modernity"

On 25th October 2016 in the main building of the Museum of the Independence Traditions in Łódź at 13 Gdańska Street the opening of the exhibition “Roma People Today. Between the Tradition and Modernity” took place.

The issue of cultures of national and ethnic minorities, of tolerance and counteracting discrimination is a topic that sparks strong interest of the public opinion. The aim of the exhibition is to familiarize its viewers a bit with an image of contemporary Roma.  It features portraits of four generations of the Markowski family by Beata Gamrowska, a photographer and illustrator.  They are supplemented with exhibits connected with the Roma people – female costumes, educational books, literature, albums.

During the exhibition, it was possible to become acquainted with the history of a very interesting ethnic group and get to know its customs. Also, the problem of contemporary Roma women, living between the tradition and modernity, was raised. Roma women, who go through various cultural changes in the contemporary world, adapt to the new reality and some of their traditional values are compromised. However, they take advantage of new opportunities that the world offers to them. They become more active and independent.
During the exhibition fragments of an unstructured interview with a group of Roma women was presented, which was made for the purpose of a research carried out by the author for her diploma dissertation.

Apart from exceptional photos, also a model of the so-called Gypsy Camp established within Litzmannstadt-Ghetto is presented at the exhibition. The fate of Roma people in the years 1939-1945 is shown in the following films: Samudaripen – Sam Strach, Samudaripen – Sam Strach part 2, Bahtałe Roma – Szczęśliwi Cyganie, The Meeting with Adam Bartosz.

The exhibition inauguration was accompanied by a panel discussion on Roma culture. Its participants were: Maria Nowacka – ethnographer and cultural anthropologist, Anna Grażyna Suchocka – an artist and actress, and Krystyna Markowska – Vice-Chairman of   Stowarzyszenie Centrum Doradztwa i Informacji dla Romów w Polsce (Advice and Information Centre for the Roma in Poland Association).

The exhibition was organised as part of the project “CZTERY STRONY ŚWIATA” (FOUR SIDES OF THE WORLD) of the Advice and Information Centre for the Roma in Poland Association and prepared thanks to subsidies from the Minister of Interior and Administration. The partner is Stowarzyszenie Społeczno-Kulturalne „ETHNOS” (“ETHNOS” Socio-Cultural Association).

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