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Aenne Katz, née Mendel

17 March 1902 - Cologne
11 July 1944 - Kulmhof Death Centre in Chełmno-o-Ner

Aenne Katz, Ausweis, ca 1943 (APL, PSZ, No. 1011K, card 490).

Aenne Katz’s father, Artur Mendel, died when she was a child. Her mother Paula, née Stern, married a merchant Josef Heiser, and on August 5, 1911, in Cologne, she gave birth to a daughter Lotte, Aenne’s stepsister. After some years, Aenne married a merchant Emil Katz and went to live with him in Essen. On October 2, 1925, their daughter Anneliese was born. On January 26, 1939, Anneliese took an opportunity to go England. Aenne and Emil Katz also wanted to emigrate, however, it was too late. On October 27, 1941, they were deported to the ghetto through Düsseldorf.

Aenne Katz found a job in the Office Department and a laundry, while her husband Emil was employed in the Metal Department. Aenne Katz regularly wrote to Lotte, who lived in Düsseldorf at that time, to inform her about the condition of their mother brought to the ghetto from Cologne. She wrote her last postcard on June 13, 1944. A month later, on July 10, 1944, Aenne Katz and her husband were taken to the Kulmhof death centre, where they were murdered on the following day. 

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