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Alice Frank, née Hausmann

Born on March 1, 1894, in Worms
Died in July 1944 in the Kulmhof extermination camp

A photo from Alice Frank’s Ausweis, around 1943 (APL, PSZ, file no. 1011F, chart 829)

In March 1939, Alice Frank moved with her husband Oskar Frank (*1888, Bad Oeynhausen) and daughter Lotte (*1921, Worms) from Worms to Roonstraße in Cologne.

On October 22, 1941, the family was deported from Cologne to the Litzmannstadt Ghetto. They occupied a room with a kitchen in 69 Kelmstraße (Marynarska Street) together with five other people. The family survived the first deportations and in August 1942 they moved to 66 Kelmstraße. Alice Frank worked as a stenotypist in the Office Department in 8 Fischstraße (Rybna Street). Most probably, Lotte and Oskar Frank also worked. In the summer of 1944, a fifty-year-old Alice only weighed 36 kg, and she was taking care of her seriously ill husband. She applied for exemption from the planned ‘deportations’ and submitted a medical certificate issued by Dr. Hugo Zade from Cologne. Her application was rejected. At the beginning of July 1944, together with her daughter and husband, she was deported to Kulmhof and murdered. 

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