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Erwin Moses

5 August 1927 - Mönchengladbach
July 1944 - Kulmhof Death Centre in Chełmno-on-Ner

Erwin Moses, Ausweis (APL, PSZ, No. 1011M, card 1298).

Erwin Moses, just like his sister Hannelore (*1923) and brother Hans-Günther (*1921), was born in Mönchengladbach. In the 1930s, the children, together with their mother Hedwig, who was born in 1890, and their father Max Moses (*1890), who came from Łasin near Grudziądz, moved to Cologne. The family lived in 87 Brüsseler Straße.

On October 30, 1941, Erwin Moses, together with his parents and siblings, was deported to the ghetto. His brother Hans-Günther left the ghetto on November 7, 1941, in a transport of people taken to forced labour, never to come back. Erwin, just like his father Max Moses, found a job in the Metal Department. The father, a holder of the Second Class Iron Cross, managed to save his family from ‘deportation’ in May 1942. He died soon after on May 21, 1942. Erwin moved to different places in the ghetto together with his mother and sister. From December 1942 to November 1943 he was an apprentice in the Construction Department, and then found a job in the Shoemaking Workshop. In the summer of 1944 he submitted a petition for removal from the deportation list but it was rejected. Probably on July 10, 1944, together with Hannelore and Hedwig Moses, who had volunteered, he was taken from the ghetto to Kulmhof, where they were all murdered.  

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