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Frieda Maier née Pohly

19 August 1889, Wolfenbüttel
July 1944, Kulmhof Extermination Camp

An excerpt from the Food Ration Card Department registration book: Frieda Maier is indicated under ordinal number 162374. (APL, PSZ, ref. 1386, card 95)

After her first husband’s death in a motorcycle accident, Frieda Pohly married, in Bonn, Ludwig Maier, who worked as a cannery representative. They lived at Meckenheimer Allee in Bonn and had Marianne, a daughter of Frieda Maier’s deceased sister, staying during years 1930-1937. In July 1939 the married couple moved to Cologne, hoping for better prospects. They wanted to leave Germany through Cologne, just like Frieda Maier's sister, Ida Pohly, Liftfmann at marriage. Their efforts to emigrate to Switzerland or South America failed. Ludwig Maier died on 8 February 1941.

Frieda Maier was in the transport to the Litzmannstadt ghetto, which departed on 22 October 194 from Cologne, where, before leaving, she had lived in a separated district at Spichernstraße 59. She was accommodated with eight persons in a room with a kitchen at ul. Marynarska 69. In February 1943 she moved from flat no. 5 to flat no. 6 in the same building together with Betty Frank (born in 1891, Mengede), who had lived with her before in Cologne at Spichernstraße 59. The further details concerning her life in the ghetto remain unknown. On 5 July 1944 Frieda Maier was deported to Kulmhof and murdered there.

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