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Helga Vogelsang née Neuburg

19 March 1916, Neuss
September 1942, Kulmhof Extermination Camp

A postcard sent by Edgar and Helga Vogelsang to the Stefansky family from Düsseldorf, which was, by the way, also deported, 3 December 1941. (APL, PSZ, ref. 2318, card 3852)

Helga Neuburg was the only child born to married couple Julius and Else Neuburg née Joseph. Her father ran a tie factory in Neuss together with his father-in-law. Helga, Julius and Else Neuburg lived in close proximity to the factory. On 22 July 1935 the family had to leave the flat and moved to Else’s parents. Helga got engaged with Polish Jew Josef Glückstein. On 4 July 1939 she was arrested by the Gestapo on the charge of supporting their brother Josef’s illegal exit. After three weeks she was released from the prison custody in Düsseldorf and returned to Neuss. On 22 October 1941 she married Cologne locksmith Edgar Vogelsang and the married couple settled in Düsseldorf. It was then that they learnt about the deportation ahead of them. On 27 October 1941 they were transported to the ghetto. Helga’s parents went in the same transport.

In September 1942 Helga and her parents were deported to Kulmhof, where they were murdered. Her husband, Edgar, lived in the ghetto until August 1944. During the ghetto liquidation, he was taken to Auschwitz and murdered, presumably immediately after arrival.

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