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Johanna Seligmann née Berger

24 August 1914, Cologne
7 July 1944, Kulmhof Extermination Camp

An excerpt from the Food Ration Card Department registration book: Johanna Seligmann is indicated under ordinal number 163225 and entries concerning her child and her husband are placed above. (APL, PSZ, ref. 1386, card 129)

Born in Cologne, Johanna Berger in 1937 married tailor Irmfried Seligmann (born in 1913) from Rosbach (Sieg). Their daughter, Recha, was born in April 1941. The family lived in Cologne at Thieboldsgasse. On 22 October 1941 Johanna, Irmfried and Recha Seligmann were deported to the ghetto. Johanna’s sister-in-law, Klara Voos (née Seligmann), and her family were also among the transported persons. The Seligmann family lived in the ghetto together despite cramped conditions in the flat. Johanna Seligmann’s registration card at ul. Marynarska 23 of 9 November 1941 includes note: “occupies 1 room with 1 kitchen together with 9 persons”. Klara, Bernhard and Gerson Voos were murdered in Kulmhof in May 1942.

Irmfried Seligmann died on 10 July 1942 at the age of 29. Johanna Seligmann sent to her mother-in-law, Maria Seligmann, living in Rosbach (Sieg), disguised information about her husband’s death - she signed herself on the money order receipt as “widow Hanna Seligmann”. Soon afterwards another blow fell on Johanna Seligmann, i.e. she lost her 18-month daughter, who was taken in September 1942 during the Gehsperre. With no family, Johanna Seligmann lived at ul. Marynarska until she, too, was murdered in Kulmhof in July 1944.

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