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Karoline Hirsch née Strauss

14 June 1891, Erkelenz
12 July 1944, Kulmhof Extermination Camp

The Hirschs’ postcard to Karoline Hirsch’s brother, the end of 1941. (APL, PSZ, ref. 2316, cards 1715 and 1716) *

Karoline Hirsch née Strauss, also named Lina, was born as the second of four siblings. In 1924, at the age of 32, she married Karl Hoffmann from Neuenkirchen near Rheine. Karoline Hoffmann moved to her husband’s family town, where the couple ran a craft manufacturing facility together. In 1937 her husband died. Six months later Karoline Hoffmann moved from Neuenkirchen to Sayn near Koblenz. In 1941 she got married again. Her husband, Hugo Hirsch, was a merchant and came from Trier. The couple settled in Cologne, the last time at Im Dau 12.

On 22 October 1941 Karoline and Hugo Hirsch were deported to the Litzmannstadt ghetto. It was there where she again met her sister, Erna Marcus, who had been taken to the ghetto, together with her husband, from Frankfurt on the Main. Due to the fact that Hugo Hirsch was the Iron Cross 2nd Class holder, the married couple was excluded from “displacements” to Kulmhof occurring in May 1942. In July 1944 Karoline Hirsch was murdered in Kulmhof. Hugo Hirsh was still alive at the time. His later fate is unknown.

* Copy: Mr Adolf Strauss, Hetzerath near Erkelenz (Rhineland), the Spiess house

Sender: Hugo Hirsch, Litzmannstadt Ghetto, ul. Zgierska 39, room 5

Dear Adolf, this is my second postcard today. Please write to us an accurate letter as soon as possible and give us your new address. Despite the fact that the advised money order has not arrived yet, though it can occur any day now, please send us immediately 200 marks by money order to the address provided. We’ve received Frit’z letter through Erna, to whom we can talk almost every day. Please give our greetings to everybody and don’t forget to send us money fast. We’re also looking forward to your accurate letter. We wish you all the best and send you our sincere greetings, Hugo & Lina

Please send us money on an ongoing basis. Kind regards, your Lina”

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