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Lotte Blumgardt

22 April 1908 - Cologne
26 November 1944 - Stutthof Death Camp in Sztutowo

Lotte Blumgardt, Ausweis, ca 1942 (APL, PSZ, No. 1011B, card 1407).

Lotte Blumgardt, née Wertheim, married a merchant Erich Blumgardt, also born in 1908 in Cologne. For some time, the young couple lived in the house of Erich’s parents, i.e. Robert (*1882, Minden in North-Rhine Westphalia) and Rosa Blumgardt (*1883, Wesseling), in 43 Eichendorffstraße in Ehrenfeld, a district of Cologne. Also her sister-in-law Johanna Callmann, née Blumgardt (*1911, Cologne), and her husband Max Callmann (*1904, Cologne) lived in that house.

On October 22, 1941, Lotte Blumgardt, her husband and in-laws were transported to the ghetto. Her sister-in-law and her husband were brought there in the second transport. They were all accommodated in Cologne II collective. In 1942, Lotte Blumgardt was left all alone: on May 3, 1942, Johanna and Max Callmann were deported to Kulmhof and murdered, and on May 13, 1942, the same fate befell her in-laws. Her husband was taken to Kulmhof during the so-called ‘Gehsperre’ action in September 1942.

Lotte Blumgardt worked in the ghetto sewing room and carpenter’s shop. In August 1944, during the liquidation of the ghetto, she was transported to Auschwitz, from where she was taken to Stutthof. She died there on October 26, 1944.  

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