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Martin Herz

Born on April 8, 1899, in Cologne
Liberated, place unknown
Last seen in Meuselwitz, a subcamp of the Buchenwald concentration camp

A photo from Martin Herz’s Ausweis, around 1942 (APL, PSZ, file no. 1011H, chart 437)

A furniture shipper Martin Herz lived with his wife Rosa, née Berliner (*1892, Cologne), in 40 Friedrichstraße in Cologne. His sister Julie Herz (*1889, Cologne) was deported in the first transport to the ghetto, and he and his wife followed her eight days later. He asked his friend living in Cologne in 24 Maybachstraße to take care of his estate: his house in Bornheim and its furnishings, clothes, and jewellery.

In May 1942, Martin Herz, as a holder of the Second Class Iron Cross, was seeking exemption from the ‘deportation’ for himself, his wife, and sister. The application concerning his sister was rejected; she was murdered in Kulmhof. In September 1942, Martin’s wife Rosa was deported to Kulmhof.

Martin Herz worked at the Radegast Station as a labourer. On March 10, 1944, he was sent to ‘work outside the ghetto’. Until the end of October 1944, he was a forced labourer employed by HASAG-Werke in Częstochowa. Then he got to Meuselwitz, a subcamp of the Buchenwald concentration camp, where he worked in an armaments factory, also for HASAG-Werke. In 1945, Martin Herz was liberated, although the exact date and place are unknown. 

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